We have gallery space for rent at a great price!  You get approximately  4' x 8' wall space for $60 per month.  Sign up for 3 months and get it for $50 a month!  No commission taken on sales.  We will have an artist reception once a month and promote you. Artists are to supply the refreshments but we will have all serving utensils and supplies. We will also add you to our artist's website links below.

Please call or email us if you're interested in showing in our gallery.  It's fun and a great deal for you!  We want to promote local artists, build community, and keep art events going in the Portola --south-east corner of San Francisco!! 

See what else is going on in the neighborhood!



Current Exhibiting Artists

Buddy Bates  http://www.missionartistsunited.org/artists/bvbates​

Charles Dabo  http://www.charlesdabosanka.com/home.html

JBC Art-Marge Gabbert  margegabbert@hotmail.com

Paul Kensinger  https://kensinger.org/

​​Arthur Koch ​ http://arthurkoch.com/

​Lisa Magruder http://artandredemption.com/

Merry Meier  http://www.merrymeier.com/

​Paradise Osorio  http://paradiseosorio.weebly.com/

​Jeanette Wright  http://rubenlovesme.com/

Liz Stohlman

​Valrie Jensen  http://www.valriejensen.com/

Calling Artists for Exhibits!

Nico Berry  http://nicoberry.com/
​Roz Chang

Lynn Faus

Keith Ferris  http://www.keithstudio13.com/

Phillip Hua  http://www.philliphua.com/

Jon Hwong  http://jonhw.format.com/

John Madrigal

Allen J. Mort http://allenjmort.com/​

Bonnie Shields

Shannon Stoval  http://shannonstovall.com/

Salome Hancock

Previous Exhibiting Artists

We are a group site for 

San Francisco Open Studios

Our 2017 weekend for open studios is October 28 & 29.  We have 9 artists participating this year. Please go to our event page for more information.

Call or email Lisa for more information.